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Those of you who are off work and or on sickness benefit..BE WARNED.

Well seems I’ll get a few more posts out yet, had a pretty worrying day at the Hospital, they confirmed I had a very tender and large Hernia which will need surgery but they also now want to do an endoscopy at the end of the month to look at my gut. I’ve had a couple of these before, not fun but not terrible but its the fear of what they will find that is worrying me.

I could not draw the consultant into saying what he suspects is there but it was very hurriedly sorted out for to come in.

I personally believe they are looking for tumours or alike as the series of questions asked tended to give that impression, oh well, on the 26th of this month I shall find out.

Now with that out of the way I’ll deal with the main topic of this post, its not a happy topic but people have to find out about this and protect themselves the best as possible, if you are on the soon to be replaced incapacity benefit or an income support based unfit for work benefit then you MUST read this.

It started with a letter from Job centre-Plus to attend a job related interview, I rang the lady and asked to confirm that it wasn’t a mistake as I’m classified unfit for work. She was a bit unsure because I’d not had my assessment as yet and my benefits had not changed to a job seekers one. I then the next day got a letter to contact the DWP to give them details to send an ability assessment form. While I was chatting to the DWP person I asked why I was being sent to a work placement letter and he said its nothing to worry about, its just an interview to see if I do want to look for work and they will offer help if I want.

Something about this seemed wrong so I rang the woman back and said did I really have to come in for this as getting there will be very painful and I’m not looking for work since I’m going to be in hospital for most of the rest of this year and most likely after Xmas as well.  She said I had to come in so I said I was told it was just a interview to see if I wanted work and that had been told to me by the DWP, she burst out laughing and said she will discuss it with me at the interview and then put the phone down.

That really annoyed me as she was making light of my illnesses so I rang her back, her boss answered the phone and said the other lady was not around, I said I was unhappy with the treatment and the lies, she apologised on behalf of the other woman and said she was sure she did not mean it that way, I said she did, it was clear. She then explained what the interview was about and sure enough it was to get me in work, I said but I have all these appointments and I had not even been assessed at this point, she said it does not matter and they must see me to make their own mind up.

I said that this was rail roading me into a situation I cannot deal with and I was being pre failed for the assessment clearly as they were seeking to put me in work. She said I had a list of illnesses so it would be treated as a confirmation of whether I really was unfit in their minds and if I was they would leave me to the assessment. At this point I was both annoyed and upset, this was the start of a DWP stitch up, make no mistake.

The icing on the cake came the next day when my assessment form arrived and there in big letters was the word ATOS, for those unaware, ATOS is a French firm hired by employers and the DWP to cut down the numbers of sick people taking days off work and to excise the DWP unemployment figures. They do this with assessments that are rigged for you to not score the needed points to remain on benefit, if you do a search on ATOS you will find horror stories from people pretty much destroyed by their doctors / experts who may not even have any medical training, their reports are FULL of lies, proofs of illness ignored and tests failed that they never gave you. I myself went through a similar experience about 7yrs ago where I scored zero points out of the 15 need despite having oodles of proof. When I was given a copy of the report at my appeal it was a book of fiction, he reported I had perfect hearing yet I suffer serious tinnitus and didn’t hear him calling me in for the assessment, I was ruled I could walk up stairs yet was not asked to do it.

Just an added note, ATOS are also badgering / threatening  people who are sick at work, I’ve had a mate threatened to come back to work as they did not believe he was ill, he went to his Union and was left alone, others may not be so lucky.

It took 14 months of appeal time to win and I was never apologised to by the doctors form employed by the DWP for the lies so I reported them to the BMA.

So folks, here’s the deal, us people who are unfit for work are being attacked by 3 sets of people, ATOS, the DWP and Job Centre plus, there are no true assessments, its all pre decided, its all a con.

The only tips I can give are based upon what I learnt the wrong way at my hearings.
1. DO NOT go alone to any interviews or assessments, have a witness, this is a MUST….

2. Try to record any interview on a mobile phone or Dictaphone,  it you want to ask permission to do it then ask but I won’t.

3. Make sure you have as much new material as possible to support your claim, if your stuff was old like mine because I was discharged from hospital care because it was a degenerative condition and I was to come back when needed then they will try and rubbish those.

4. If they fail you and you feel like appealing like I did then go to Law4All and seek their help, I had a representative sent with me to my final hearing. It does help they are fully aware of the practices of the DWP and will ensure the DWP know that you have rights.

5. Don’t be bullied, I was warned I would lose all my benefit and would have to pay back money if I lost the appeal, it was sheer terror tactics but I was not going to be taken to the cleaners.

6. My appeal lasted 14 months, others may vary, they will cut some of your money BUT if you win its refunded in full.

7. You CAN win, I’m proof of it.

Sadly they are changing the goal posts and not even trying to make it seem its a fair system but fight you must.

I have a feeling I will be in another appeal after Xmas, it will be very very difficult for me, not because I cannot win but because I’m being worn down by illness and the depression is hitting new heights, bad thoughts are entering my head.

I’ll need my wife and daughter more than ever and I feel terrible for putting them under pressure, life isn’t good at the moment, its very very dark.

If anything occurs I’ll update here, hopefully I’ll be able to help others..



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Could be one of my last posts..


Anyone whose read my blog knows that I suffer from mental health issues and physical problems with walking and lifting, I’m a virtual recluse who is frightened of the outside world and crowds, I leave my house only to go to the bins to drop off light bags of rubbish. I don’t have any ‘jobs on the side’, I lead a very frightened life in a way.

So yesterday I get a letter from the DWP to tell me I have to attend a looking for working interview on the 21st of this month, have not read the letter as my wife has to open any brown envelopes because of the panic attacks I have after the DWP previously made me take an examination and then marked me as having zero issues of any sort, that lead to a 14month fight and tribunal that darn near killed me, the end result was that I was cleared and the panel said I should never have had to been in this situation as its clear I was unfit for work.

So now the DWP are going to attack me again, forcing me into situations I cannot stand which will destroy me mentally, it hurts as I watch the usual louts around my estate wander around daily in gangs, all fit and able to work but its me the DWP are hassling, not them?
I’m going to take my wife along to this interview and am going to record it so I can’t be stitched up again but I know they are going to push me into area’s I won’t be able to cope with, I’m starting to get the dark thoughts again.
I’m a 52yr old recluse with serious mental health issues, I have mobility issues and I suffer severe mood swings when I have any form of responsibility placed on me, I don’t even sign my daughters homework records because I’m afraid to.

And this is who they want to prey on, I’ve worked bloody hard in my life before I became ill, I did every job that paid, I had a great job that destroyed me mentally and then went on to do hard labour work that destroyed my knee’s and spine.

I’m hardly employee of the month material and this is going to most likely finish me off.

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Got to get away from where I live.

The other night was a turning point for me, it brought me full circle in terms of feelings towards the Estate I live on.

When we were first given this flat it was on the understanding it was our new home for ever, we have since found out it isn’t and was never meant to be, we had been lied to but, we embraced the place and got on with things, its not a nice area, its full of gangs, drug dealers and idiots but I’ve lived in rough places at times so just got on with it.

Quite early on I took on a stance of keeping the block clear of drug dealers and getting the other tenants on the same level as me regarding block cleanliness and removing the unwanted vandals, I have always been the most involved in this and its lead me into some close scrapes with the nastier kind here but its a place where kids including my daughter live so I want it safe if I can.

I became friendly with most of my neighbours in our close blocks, I used my computer background to help a lot of them with their IT and tech needs and just generally helped where I could.

And then the other night after 7yrs it all went down the drain, a new tenant who has been a loud and ignorant pain since coming here had let her two dogs out to roam loose, being staffs they are a little frightening to children and anyone who is awkward around big dogs, the reason being that around here staffs are used by the drug dealers as protection and train them to be fierce by beating them.

Any how, her dog did a huge crap on the pavement so I asked who I thought was looking after the dog to clear it up, suddenly the neighbour poked her head out and started shouting saying her dog had done nothing, the attitude was awful, everything was lie after lie with her, the air turned blue and what should have been 2 secs turned into a full scale row, lots of home truths started to be told and she didn’t like it, that in turn lead to her threatening me with her drug boyfriend, now anyone who knows me knows that I do not threaten well, it just annoys me more so like many before she was told to get him.

It then became clear that her mates had now decided to surround me and were having a go at me for daring to annoy their friend, these were people who I’d helped over the years but because I believe this woman gives them free weed their memory of all the good things I’d done vanished in an instant. I tried to ask one of the women to confirm I’d asked her to clear up dog mess in the past, the reason was to prove I wasn’t picking on this woman, I always ask people to pick up their mess. Sadly the person I asked said she was not getting involved, I said I wasn’t asking her to take sides but just to answer, she again refused so I called her a ‘coward’, nothing else, just the word coward.

Next thing I have her younger brother in my face threatening to slice my throat and kill me, normally I’d take stuff like that with a pinch of salt but his step dad who liked to beat him mum up all the time had gone to their Sikh temple and got a ceremonial sword and one point and threatened to cut the mums head off and slice every one of her friends throats, the thought that he had unhinged the kid with all this was going through me. Now I don’t hit kids even if they are 15 and threatening to kill me so told her family to take him away before he started trying to hit me and then I’d have no choice but to defend myself. Thankfully they did but not before he kept repeating the throat slitting threat.

I have left a note for his mother about this and explained its a VERY serious matter…I await her response.

Tempers were running very high but at that point I realised that people who I’d helped so many times in the past were denying I had, like they were ashamed to be associated to me because of this neighbour, I asked one straight to her face if I had ever helped her and she said NO!! to which I reminded her how many times she had come smiley smiley to my door asking to be let in her house when she had locked the keys inside, oh she said, yes you did that BUT…

I was so gutted that all but two people from the blocks had come down to offer any support regarding a tenant who has disrupted many of their lives with dog crap over the place, dogs left to bark all night when she went missing for a few days, people who had been kept up by her 3yr old children screaming and shouting at 2am and her absolutely disgusting way she talked to people. Only the people she had annoyed more than anyone directly ala flooding them out 3 times  in one year and having screaming fights with them came to offer support.

The rest just watched, ignored or supported her….People who I’d never done a single thing to and had spent a long time helping them, people who we would sit around outside chatting to sharing a drink over a BBQ and having a great laugh and joke, people who now blanked me for no reason other than to hide away and not get involved.

Its at that point I just felt utter hatred and disgust, I turned around looked at the tenant who was the cause of this and said that I’d lived on some of the worst Estates in London and I could deal with the junkies, pushers, louts and idiots but its the people who were liars that I’d helped INCLUDING her that disgust me, I then walked over to the front of our block that has reinforced safety glass, the stuff with the wire through it and at a point to total fury I punched a hole straight through it…

The place went silent, I went in slammed my front door but quickly returned because glass had sprayed out from around the hole and there was a fist sized piece laying on the ground while there were kids around, I picked this up and threw it away and taped a bit of card over the whole on both sides. Realising I was on a hiding to nothing her and had seen the very people who I thought were friends turn on me I just went up to the neighbour and said that I’d had enough of all the shit and I’d apologised for swearing at her but just said that I’d not told a single lie in what I’d said, still she was arrogant but she looked at my hand and said she was sorry for what had happened to it, she said it was her fault.

At that point my neighbour from upstairs was trying to pull me away as she could see the anger and frustration I was having, she begged me to come away so I could have my hand dressed and get the glass out of it, I thanked her and showed her my hand apart from a few cuts was actually fine, I’d caught the glass square on and have to say I thought I’d smashed my hand to bits as I hit the glass but luck was on my side and apart from the scratches and blood my hand was fine and not sore at all, no broken bones or bruising etc.

The tenant came over and I said I want an end to this, its way out of hand, I offered her my non bloody hand and she shook it saying sorry, she kept saying sorry but to be honest I didn’t give a s**t, my mental state had been screwed over, my mind was just saying to me that I’d wasted all these years being kind and nice to these people.

We chatted for a few mins passing half arsed pleasantries like we were friends now but for me the damage was done.

I spent 2 nights wondering why I had bothered to do all this, the feeling of being let down was / is enormous, I almost felt like taking all my pills at one point but it was just a passing thought, I still had my wife and daughter and that’s what I cared about.

Now, I need to get away from here, I can’t live here, I need to start again and not make the mistake about giving a crap about the neighbours this time, they if we can do it will be mere ‘hello’s’ after this.

You know, people can be right bastards…..


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I make no secret of the fact I suffer from depression and mental illness variations, I’m not proud of it but I’m not scared to admit to people what I’m like in a hope that people can understand me when I’m having a bad time. What most non sufferers fail to understand is that I don’t need a reason to feel down, there does not have had to have been an event that has changed my mood, it just happens.

This is where one of my biggest bug bears comes from, when I’m down and you know I am suffering the last thing I want to hear is someone trying to work out what’s wrong with me, I don’t want 40 questions, I don’t want petty amateur psychological post mortems, I don’t want to be asked why I’m down, I just want people to understand and maybe give me a wide berth if I’m acting agitated.

I have no issues with people chatting with me when I’m ok, I am happy to discuss my problems then but when I’m clearly in the grip of an episode I need to be side stepped. Most of my friends realise this and know the ropes but there’s on good friend that believes he can lift the mood or change my emotions by asking loads of questions like “what’s happened to make you like this”, “there’s no point in being unhappy” and so on and so forth.

I then am not rude but blunt and say I have to go as my minds not in the right place but you can tell by the voice that he thinks I’m being both rude and stupid and I should have listened to him.

I wish people would stop and understand that mental illness is just about as horrible as an illness can get in the fact that it eats away at your mind, sometimes constantly, sometimes not but there’s no instant fixes and trying to play the shrink isn’t helpful. I am my own worst shrink as it is, I struggle daily to try and find a feeling, a mood, a mind state that will break me out of this nightmare.

I simply don’t need the extra hassle when I’m down.

The people who suffer understand my ramblings, the people who don’t suffer must try and understand that we when down are not a cheap bit of entertainment for you to try your Acme Shrink degree on, I so wish people would get that, it would make the down times a lot easier to handle.

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Something private, something painful…

I talk about myself but I don’t really like to bring my wife and daughter into things but for once I will so you can see just how bloody awful what is wrong with me feels like..

I hope you never feel this…EVER….

My daughter has a school history project, she was given 2 weeks to make a model of a famous Norman castle complete with twin moats and castle built on a steep mound. It wasn’t to be perfect, there were no Oscars for special effects, it was just meant to be a fun thing she did over the two weeks with the help and advice of her parents. Sadly it slipped all of our minds so it was down to the last 2 days to make it, in the old days before this hell I’d have said it was a a piece of cake, its only a school project for a 12yr old who’s doing wonderfully in school.

Yesterday went well, we made a great start, we had a base to work on, loads of idea’s and with us prompting her creative mind it was looking good. We stopped well into the build for the evening and had all day today with her as it was teacher training.

And then my depression and stress hit full scale, I have a problem where thanks to very very serious events in the past which made me unable to handle responsibility, lets just say I had a wonderful job that became a nightmare that nearly killed me a couple of times. So because of this I’m unable to handle doing things for others well, if its for me I can block the issue but when  I am in a position where people have to rely on me I fall apart very quickly. The problems start with a sense of over bearing pressure, then I start to sweat very heavily and my hands shake to the point I’m unable to do anything, but tonight was different in a bad way. Tonight I was responsible for helping my daughter in something she felt was important and it got to me, I can do homework with her and the joy of encouraging her and teaching her is a joy I so love, I can see how she responds to it and its one thing I feel I can do for her.

Sadly the task of being part of the ‘build’ got to me tonight, I started to sweat, my hands shook and simple tasks just seemed impossible, I knew I was starting fail her and I was hurting from it. The pressure seemed incredible, things went to a crawl, idea’s I had were flawed and wasted time, my head started to pound. What was hurting just as much was that I could see my daughter was aware I was struggling mentally to keep up, you cannot possibly know just how painful that is to know, my mental state was affecting her work.

I took some time away but when I returned the pressure was full on, I just admitted defeated as my head folded in, I was crying and deeply upset, I hid away in our room hoping that my daughter didn’t see, I know she did but won’t say so.

I failed my own daughter building a bloody stupid little model, I failed to control the horrible disease rotting away at my happiness, I failed to be a father and you know what, it hurts like hell, I’ve not felt suicidal in a while but tonight the pangs were there. You often see people who claim they are suicidal but mostly its a cry for help or attention, someone like me or other depressives don’t want others to know about it when it comes, they simply want to get on with it, its not a show, a display, a play acting experience, its something I wish no one to have, your mind just accepts you are a failure, you KNOW you are useless, you don’t fear whatever form of death you have chosen, it simply sounds like what you deserve.

I cannot begin to explain what that feels like but its a very bad place yet it feels so right at the time, its a punishment you must pay….

I caught myself just one sec rightly, I had a chance to think about what I would leave pain wise and I was able to just about stop that feeling, I just  about remained human.

This is the life of someone genuinely ill, I’m a prisoner of my own home and worse still, my own mind………

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Coming soon…Struggling with depression and mental illness 2

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A trip around Parliment..Why no thank you…

I’m appalled at the mindless shooting of Indian student Anuj Bidve, the scum that shot him shows no remorse, the poor sod was only here for schooling and was going back afterwards and he had to run into this self proclaimed psycho.


What’s with the whole international incident being made of this, even his parents must be wondering why they are getting all this fuss and what’s with the guided tours everywhere?

Yet again the politicians are using a very personal event to broker faith with a country for their own uses. There are people shot dead daily (it seems) in the UK, the old red carpet is never rolled for them, on the very rare occasions it is there’s a clear alternative angle to it. Its this usage of people’s grief that appals me, its something Britsih MP’s do a little too often.

I suspect this guys parents just want to take their son’s body back to India and bury / cremate it, I doubt they will ever wish to return to the UK or understandably have that much love for the place at the moment but here they are being trotted around for the Indian government to see.

Mind you, look at what they have done to the Stephen Lawrence murder, that poor woman Doreen Lawrence has been treated to 18 yrs of nightmare while bent coppers were allowed to get away with stuff after a good old secret handshake under the table. We see so much gun crime and much of it is gang vs gang which for me if they only kill themselves is ok with me but when you get genuine innocents being killed then ignore the political TV gestures and get on with catching the bloody murderers, I like his parents don’t give a ducks bottom that David Cameron is ‘so sorry it took this long’, he does not give a crap about anyone but himself.

Put the money into better Policing, better officers and eradicating this gang culture..Sod the free trips around some crusty old farts in Parliament, its not want the parents nor the worried public want to see.

I’m fed up with snide little MP’s jumping on the bandwagon of people’s grief for their own needs, just look at Diane Abbot, tweeting about the great divide of black and white, you have to look at this woman and see the truth, she’s MP for Stoke Newington and Hackney, palces I lived in as a child and grew up in, especially Hackney. Now I look at Diane Abbot and the average resident of Hackney and its like chalk and cheese, I believe Ms Abbots child or children are in private education, name me a few Black mothers in Hackney with that, Ms Abbot thrives on sitting on TV shows with Michael Portillo and Andrew Neil swapping indulgences and what what cocktail party references, this woman has NO connection with the people she’s an MP for and barely shares the same colour in my book, she’s whiter than most MP’s inside.

Its about time these MP’s and their fondness for a bit of public cash were brought down a peg, their lavish lifestyles banned from having other interests beyond being an MP, their power to vote on themselves removed and the disgusting ability to make vile comments about someone’s personal grief a matter for discipline.

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A controversial one, Black crime and identity….

Rather than do the old “I’m not a racist BUT” or “I have a lot of black friends”, I’ll simply say I’m not, take it or leave it, those that know me also know the truth.

I’ve become very disheartened over the last year or so with how the young are turning out but its become clear that Black poor youth is following a trend which is leading it especially in the states into a black vs white situation all over again. Me and a good friend have grumpy old men chats and by far the biggest joint moan is the stupidity of the youth, he’s a table tennis coach in the evening and he teaches in a few of the more deprived area’s. The youth club in question is pretty much all black males and females, he himself is a black male but still finds it hard to get these people to simply stop and listen, all they want to do for the most part is make noise and disturb his training sessions and basically try and break up the place.

What annoys me here is that he’s a top coach and ex England player, apart from that he’s an extremely knowledgeable guy and a great role model, a self pushed hardworking go getter, yet these kids or young people don’t want to give the respect he deserves yet when its time for a club games all the mouthy ones want to be in the match yet don’t train because being a loud mouthed fool is more entertaining to them.

In the states its like an epidemic where criminal flash mobs rob shops, fighting in streets, shops, shopping malls and fast food establishments and almost all involving or directly caused by black people. This isn’t a selective media, this is young mothers rolling about on the floor in the street in front of their 2yr old kids cursing like a fool and being egged on by males on phones screaming “” at the mobile phone. This website has become the gathering point of these video’s and the makers are ultra proud of themselves. I’ve not seen so much brutally stupid behaviour for ages, its sickening.

Its just huge groups of black people with no self respect, no morals, no wish to improve and no wish to learn, and no, you can throw the old “”hard done by” nonsense in, you can play the race card, you can play the oppressed card but in the end this comes down to each person making their own destiny, you don’t HAVE to get pregnant at 14, you DON’T have to join a gang, you ARE obliged to earn a living legally, you ARE expected to look after kids you bring into to the world out of YOUR pocket, you ARE expected to attend a job interview and SELL yourself, that means no baggy trousers, no fuck the police tee-shirt and NO attitude.

All I see in the states lately are young people wishing to get it easy, fighting over 200 dollar training shoes when they don’t even have a job, people being shot for their trainers because its easier to steal than do it legally. I’m sorry but when you have a black man in the White House, black chiefs of industry, black mayors, black Police chiefs etc etc then its time to stop playing the oppressed card and get of your arse and do the hard work like they did.

What for me is more frightening is that here in the UK we are seeing youth paying homage to this way of life and taking it on, we are getting the stupid names like Lakeisha and the obnoxious behaviour especially from the girls towards everyone else, the same friend said he was coming home on a bus from Archway where he works was sat there when a girl with a group of her mates decided SHE didn’t have to pay the bus fare, the driver spotted this and called her back, she ignored him and went upstairs, sat down and started getting rowdy with her mates. The driver announced over the tannoy after making another request to pay the fare for the bus to empty and her to get off as he wasn’t going any further with her on board.

Still she refused to move, she’s now stopped a bus load of people getting home or to work and the Police are on the way, she STILL sat there until the Police removed her and then made it seem it was everyone else’s fault. I’m sorry but the mentality in that is worrying, we have groups of black males around here that (when in group) don’t like to wait in queues and will pull knives on you, they sound and look exactly like their American counterparts bar shouting about putting the footage on Youtube.

It also annoys me that the other races and colours around here are all competing to be just as stupid, they all sound the same with this ‘language’ of the streets, the level of education is foul and even though there’s chances to improve themselves they still all choose the lazy criminal way. What I can’t get is why any self respecting person be you black, white, green or yellow would actually want to be seen on the internet etc doing moronically stupid and brutal behaviour, sorry but it does not look good, it looks idiotic and takes us back to caveman days. What mentality thinks shouting “go on dawg, bang that bitch up” sounds good?

This American trend is starting to take hold on our streets, guns are every day, black on black gang shootings are now common place, black gangs are more and more on the increase, its like a poor taste Britain’s Got No Talent show where every useless idiot fights to be the top dog of criminality, stupidity, no morals, no respect, these are no use to anyone.

What’s worse is that many of the parents encourage this, they did the same, its like a family honour, these parents should be getting off their lazy arses and telling these kids to DO SOMETHING with themselves, to stop poncing off society, to educate themselves and have proper goals instead of blaming every other person as to why their kids are such useless losers.

I’m 50 now, I was around in the racist 70’s and watched the black and white community start to grow together after that, we all stood as brothers you might say, it was great progress from the previously ignorant whites and you saw a level of trust and friendship, this new culture is starting to make a new divide, this mass love of crime from the youth is appalling to see, how long before it turns like the states and black gangs begin to pitch for top spot here and its starts being black against white again.

Its not good…

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Xmas here we come…


Another rather odd year comes to an end, so many stupid things done by TPTB (the powers that be), we are still controlled by Europe, we still give and borrow too much money, we still can’t help those at home rather than be a bank to the rest of the world, we still are allowing radical Muslims far too much freedom on out streets and public arena’s…

One thing did cheer me up recently, it was news that a set of Mosques in Newport UK had decided to preach that Radical Islam wasn’t wanted and they even policed the Mosques to make sure trouble makers were removed and they firmly stated their commitment to UK laws and ONLY UK laws. Good luck to them, more need to begin policing their nasty cousins and showing the British UK people that they want to live together by our laws, our culture and our standards.

We can but hope…

Its been another tough year for me both mentally and physically, I won’t bore with the details but its been hard, that said I’m still here bashing all this nonsense out on the keyboard, I don’t care if no one reads it to be honest (I hope they do though), its an exercise in keep my head functioning in the right direction.

So, to those 2 people that read this blog, I wish them a wonderful Xmas for them and their familiy, for those who do not celebrate Xmas then I wish you and your good health and many rewards.


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They stole before, they will do it again…

Yes the good old MP’s have managed to get the rules brought in based on their out right theft of public money before slowly removed one by one.

The latest rule on the cards to be changed is that they can ask for money again without receipts, the VERY rule they all abused time and time again, if they didn’t abuse the no receipts rule they forged receipts. And the reason they want these rules removed is that they claim it makes getting the money harder because of red tape.

For goodness sake, am I the only person who wants it to be harder to claim money with no reason?

Since the expenses rows and jail sentences other MP’s are still trying to fiddle their money and have been caught but as usual NOTHING has been done. So now the rules WILL be changed to suit these less than honest individuals, it will be back to business as usual, claiming for everything possible while the tax payer yet again foots the bill.

What really gets up my nose is that when asked about the stealing these stuck up shirts turn around and say the have done no wrong yet everyone knows that what they did was illegal and STILL they get to stay in office.

The normal reply when they get caught is the age old “I have no recollection of that”, if you or me had a job where money went missing and you said “I have no recollection of that” you would be sacked on the spot for inability to do the job and investigated by the Police.

These lot just smile, give us 2 fingers and carry on stealing..

And how does a woman who stole one of the largest amounts of money fail to be jailed, the reason her and 2 others who stole huge amounts didn’t see the inside of a jail, they were Musilm and we can’t be seen jailing a Muslim MP, now can we…

The lady said she was unsure of what “primary residence” meant, now call me old fashioned but if the person is seriously saying that then they have no right to be in office, but of course we know very well she did know what it meant but deliberately played the ‘ I don’t understand all English’ card and won. Primary residence means the home that you live in the most which is extremely hard to mistake with a flat in Kent that you never go to but she was allowed to claim for travelling and second home costs when she didn’t live or go there.

How dishonest does it have to be before some one gets thrown out of office and jailed AND made to pay the money back which this lady has not done, she claims not to have the money…

Absolute NONSENSE, her accounts should be frozen and checked for sending large sums out of the UK which I believe is both illegal and incompatible with a member of Parliament who is there to help British business by keep the money in the UK.

Utter madness, if you break the law then you must be tried using the same laws of the land as you do for the common person, religious or government position should have nothing to do with it, sadly we know that’s not the case in our corrupt government.

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